Supermarine Stranraer

 Did you know that our technical volunteers built a replica of a Supermarine Stranraer flying boat that now 'flies' with the wind in Shearwater, BC? This is the site, near Bella Bella on the north central BC coast, where Stranraers were based during World War 2.

The Stranraer, with a 17-foot span, is mounted on a steel pole so that it can rotate freely with the wind.
The Stranraer was a British-designed coastal patrol aircraft, first flown in 1935. With a crew of five, the aircraft was fitted with sleeping quarters and cooking facilities. Licence built by Canadian Vickers, the first of 40 RCAF Stranraers flew in 1938. As more advanced aircraft became available the 'Strannies' - as they were afectionately known - were relegated to training duties, being dropped from the RCAF in 1944. Post-war the aircraft continued on the West Coast with Queen Charlotte Airlines.
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