Book a Tour

The Canadian Museum of Flight offers tours for all ages. Our school tour program is very flexible and we work with teachers to meet their individual classroom or curriculum needs.

Tours are approximately 1  to 1/1/2 hours. Available upon request are questionnaires for students to complete (all the answers can be found in the museum).

We usually divide the tour into three smaller, more manageable groups. The first starts in the courtyard with the outdoor exhibit, the second in the hangar where the fabric covered aircraft are housed along with many aviation artifacts and the third group at the DC-3 compound where they can board the airplane and study the instrument panel from the cockpit.

Our library, photo and magazine archives are available for research purposes.

For further information, such as rates or to book a school tour please contact the Canadian Museum of Flight at 604-532-0035 Monday - Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, or via e-mail at