Welcome to the Canadian Museum of Flight



Community Outreach Project

On Saturday, September 27, a team from the museum will be hitting the road 
with the Sopwith Camel replica in tow. 

This outreach project will begin on Sunday in Pemberton and make its way through Lillooet and Lytton before heading back to Langley on the evening of October, 2nd. 
We'll try to provide updates from the road along with a list of locations and times.

Our thanks to Canadian Car and Truck Rental for donating a Cummins powered Dodge Ram 3500 for our journey!

Dates and Location

Sept 28 -29: 
Royal Canadian Legion Branch #201
7442 Prospect St, Pemberton, BC

Sept 30 - Oct 1:
Royal Canadian Legion Branch #66 
930 Main Street, Lillooet, BC

Oct 2:
Royal Canadian Legion Branch #62
4th street and Fraser, Lytton, BC




Dear Members,

On Saturday August 27, 2014 the Canadian Museum of Flight (CMF) Tiger Moth had a mishap shortly after takeoff. The pilot and passenger suffered crash related injuries, but they are now both back at home and on the mend.

The CMF appreciates all the support received from the Delta Air Park and the individuals on hand who assisted at the crash site; Bear Crane Services with the recovery; Rick Church for overseeing the transport of the Tiger Moth back to CMF facilities and dismantling of the aircraft; CMF volunteers, members, and various individuals that have offered their support.

The CMF Board of Directors and Management are currently discussing a rebuild plan for the Tiger Moth. Further details regarding the CMF Tiger Moth will be posted through CMF communication formats.

Bruce Bakker, CMF Board of Directors, President
Terry Brunner, CMF General Manager