CMF Aircraft Sponsorship Rewards



Sponsorship Rewards Include
(in addition to your Basic Membership privileges)


As a CMF Member our Aircraft Sponsorship Program includes:

* Eligibility for a flight in your sponsored aircraft

* A certificate recognizing your contribution

Terms & Conditions of Sponsorship

1. Eligible flights take place on specific dates and times, as selected by the Canadian Museum of Flight, and will be coordinated with member passengers. Flight time is approximately 25 minutes.
2. All flights are subject to pilot & aircraft availability, weather and number of bookings. The Museum reserves the right to re-schedule flights to alternate dates and times. As with all flights, the pilot has the right and responsibility to determine whether or not a flight occurs.
3. Your CMF membership must be current on the day your flight occurs.
4. Additional cost may apply due to fluctuating fuel costs.
5. Maximum weight (250 lbs) and height (6 ft. 4 in.) restrictions apply for member passengers, and a certain level of mobility is required.
6. A family sponsorship for the Waco Cabin allows for a maximum of 3 member passengers.
7. Should your sponsored aircraft be unavailable, the Museum will make arrangements for a flight in a comparable aircraft, or hold your flight until your sponsored aircraft is returned to service.
8. Sponsors may assign their flight to another member, subject to Museum approval and that person having a current Museum membership. 
9. All passengers under age 19 require a signed, parental waiver form.
10. No Tax Deductable Receipt is issued for the CMF Aircraft Sponsorship Program.


 To become an Aircraft Sponsor, or to get more information on how you can become a Sponsor, please contact the Museum Monday to Friday 10am - 3:30pm

(some restrictions may apply)

 Phone: 604.532.0035