Pioneering Aviation in the West

 In less than a lifetime, aviation has moved from being an impossible dream, a fanatic’s folly, to an indispensable way of life and a massive industry. Because of the short time aviation has taken to mature, many of the people who played key parts, and bit parts, in the development of the industry are still alive. To ensure that their roles and adventures are not forgotten, the Canadian Museum of Flight interviewed as many of these pioneers as they could find. In the taping of their memoirs, it became clear just how stirring their stories were - and how necessary it was to preserve them. In large part, author Lloyd Bungey has let the pioneers’ own voices stand - the original story.

This is authentic, and very exciting, history from yesterday. It ranges from the first, shaky, local flights through both world wars, from the fishery patrols and formation of the early airway companies - whose names we still recognize, to the forest fire and water bombing escapades, and from aircraft manufacture and maintenance to the story of the women aviators.