Jan 2012 Museum Update



CMF Update: January, 2012

After our long and relaxing break, we are open again! On behalf of the museum we wish you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR 

For the New Year we have lots to do! Our Fleet Canuck is now waiting to be covered which will occur in February for the Fuselage and March for the wings. It will be coming back to the museum after it is covered to get all the fittings done. (Everything has been dry fitted and is ready to go.) The Waco INF is going through the final stages to be ready for flight and the gift shop is all reorganized. Our art gallery is now running.

Here is a schedule for special events in 2012
 (Dates are subject to change):
March-31 - Annual Auction
Arpil-28 - AGM
June-15/16/17 - Canada West Aviation Expo @ Pitt Meadows Airport
July-21 - Princeton Airshow
August- 10/11/12 - Abbotsford Airshow
August-26 - Chilliwack Airshow
September-22 - Membersday



Waco INF: After 8 long and gruelling years, our Waco INF was started and she ran perfectly. Thanks to our volunteers she was able to get started! You fellows did a great job. So now for our INF she is waiting to go back to the paint shop to get the final finishes, along with her decals. If you want to watch her start up again, here is the link to watch her run!