CMF Members' Day 2011

What a memorable Members' Day. From fog to sun to ominous overcast - we had it all. Starting at 9 am the Fleet Finch, Tiger Moth and Waco AQC were kept busy for the morning. Joined by the Harvard II later, the four aircraft flew about 30 trips with Museum members over the scenic Fraser Valley in perfect weather. Members who flew in the aircraft were treated to a photograph beside the aircraft and through the wonders of digital technology, a DVD recording their inflight experience.

To complement the day's activities a series of mini-lectures were provided by members. The diverse range of topics covered items in the Museum's collection; History of the Spitfire (our non-flying replica will be on display next year), The working of a WW2 Mk IX bombsight; History and operation of the Link Trainer; Development of model aircraft technology; The Avro Arrow; and recovery and display of the CMF Hampden.

 By the time the flying was complete the hangar was set up for a genuine West Coast crab feast thanks to Carla Deminchuk's decorating skills. Chefs Terry Brunner, B.J MacMillan and Bruce Bakker spent the afternoon over a hot boiler getting the crab cooked to perfection. With desert and coffee to follow while the sun sank in the west the day closed perfectly. During the evening a presentation was made to members who had contributed to the Museum in many ways, in line with the theme, 'The Stars of Our Organization are its Members.' (Scroll down for photos).  The evening concluded with a showing of classic aviation movies.


Man (pilot Bill Findlay) and machines (Tiger Moth, Waco INF and Fleet Finch) in the morning mist.

The Harvard, preflight inspection complete, awaits clearing of the fog.


Old aviation recipe, "Just add oil and fly vigorously..." Pilots Dave Beales
and George Kirbyson prepare the Waco for a day of flying.

Man (pilot George Serviss), Moth, Museum, mist.
Already the sun is showing a promise of weather to come.

The Waco INF with restoration ongoing waits wistfully. Well, there is always next year.
An unusual meteorological effect surrounds the INF; a rarely-seen fogbow arches over the airport.

Flying is under way! A passenger expresses excitement during takeoff in the Finch.
(Photo credit: M. Luedey)


The Ringland family full of smiles after their trip in the Waco;
Caitlin, Tom and Ruth with pilot Dave Beales.

Gil Fanslau accepts the Gogi Goquillot Volunteer of the Year award
from General Manager, Terry Brunner.

Terry presenting an award to B. J. MacMillan in line with the banner;
Our Members Are Stars.

Colin McDonald and Matt Offer receive their awards.

 Museum pilots in the award line-up; L-R, Vic Bentley, Bill Findlay,
George Serviss, George Kirbyson, Gil Fanslau. Absent, Dave Beales.

(Photo credits for awards: Colin McDonald)