Pigs Might Fly

 Pigs Might Fly is the most comprehensive anthology ever written of the earliest pioneers of aviation up to the beginning of World War One. The companion volumes look at the lives of the key personalities who were important contributors, famous in their own time locally, nationally or internationally.

Successful powered flight was the culmination of centuries of consideration, from its earliest documented record in England. Here are the fascinating stories of the lives of those early dreamers and pioneers of aviation, among them a 13th century cleric, a world-famous Renaissance artist, an inventive country squire, mariners who sought to sail in the sky and writers who helped lay the groundwork for the first century of flight.
Pigs Might Fly comprises a number of companion volumes covering heavier-than-air flights, all of which are nearing completion and are planned to be published in the following sequence:
 - The First Steps
 - The Gliders and Hoppers
 - Early French aviators
 - Early British aviators
 - Early North American aviators
 - Other Early Birds