The Organization

The Canadian Museum of Flight is governed by a board of up to nine Directors, elected annually. Standing Committees research actions and policies, and make recommendations to the Board in matters of particular importance to the organization. An advisory Board may be called upon, as required, to provide input and advice to the decision making process. Day to day operations are carried out by volunteers under the guidance of full time staff.

The Collection 
The Canadian Museum of Flight is the only aviation museum on the mainland of British Columbia, with over 20 aircraft on display and many related artifacts. A portion of the aircraft are airworthy, fully restored showpieces, while others are feasible for static display only. Some of our displays are the only known examples in existence. Most aircraft and artifacts are owned and maintained solely by the Society, a few are on loan for display. The Canadian Museum of Flight also maintains an extensive library of books, aviation publications, manuals, artwork, photographs and other articles relating to Canadian aviation.

Volunteers are essential to the Canadian Museum of Flight, and undertake most of the day to day operations of the museum. The volunteer base provides a wide diversity of talents and skills, and the museum is in the unique position of being able to offer a "niche" for anyone who has time to dedicate to its operation. Most restoration and maintenance work is done on a volunteer basis, as is general upkeep of grounds and facilities. The ongoing support of volunteers and membership enables the Canadian Museum of Flight to be a self-sustaining facility, with high potential for growth.

Community Involvement
The Canadian Museum of Flight encourages a beneficial relationship with the community, providing a unique tourist attraction that is both entertaining and educational, and draws visitors from around the world. The museum relies on community support for operational funding, and in turn supports the community with special events and school outreach programs. These benefit both CMF and the local community by direct infusion of tourist dollars. An educational program with lower mainland schools has been ongoing for several years, with group tours of the museum site offering a fun and interesting way to learn history. Through volunteer involvement, CMF also provides a training facility for a variety of occupations from office and computer clerks to aircraft maintenance and restoration.