A Barnstormer's Picnic! (Members' Day 2010)

After a gloomy, showery start to the day the weather made amends by providing a spectacular day of sunshine and warm temperatures for the Museum’s annual Members’ Day festivities on September 18, 2010.

The Tiger Moth readies for yet another flight
The CMF fleet in action - Tiger Moth, Fleet Finch and Waco
Four of our flying fleet were kept busy with rides for members, making over 25 trips during the day. The Tiger Moth and the Fleet Finch were the popular aircraft, flying steadily from 9 am to 5 pm.
His Honour escorted by Cadets, Captain Bentley and Captain Daniels
In the early afternoon His Honour, the Honourable Steven Point, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, made a visit to the Museum and was taken for a flight over the Fraser Valley in the Waco AQC-6 captained by Dave Beales. After the flight returned, His Honour was met by an honour guard of members of Air Cadet Squadron 746. After his inspection of the Air Cadets, His Honour spoke to the assembled crowd of Cadets and members and was then conducted on a tour of the Museum. Several of our members were presented with awards by the Lieutenant Governor to recognize their contribution to Museum activities.
His Honour inspecting the Air Cadet Squadron 746 Lightning Hawks
Later in the day, the members assembled for a sumptuous beef and salmon barbeque cooked by our volunteers. A pie-baking contest was judged by Pastry Chef Luigi Guidolin from the Mozart Bakery & Café.