2012 Fundraiser & Auction

On March 31st we held our annual fundraiser and auction with this years theme being all things Hawaii! The event was a huge success for the Museum and we really can't thank everyone who came out and supported it enough. 

Here are a selection of photos from the evening

A view from overhead of the CMF hangar

Dinner was served in style and was enjoyed by all


The Dennis Enns Trio performed for the crowd as one of two great groups on hand

Exit 58 - a terrific sounding trio and one of two groups that performed during the evening

The excellent table decor was designed by Carla Deminchuk

Looks like the pilots table to me!

Voted the Happiest Table...by me

The auction had so many incredible items up for bid

Look at all those Hawaiin shirts!

A pair of very unique garden benches built by CMF volunteers - both sold at auction

Our lovely bartender who had no idea she'd end up winning a diamond ring!!

A very funny and clever way to make use of a leaky roof!