Restoration Projects

 The Canadian Museum of Flight has aircraft, aircraft engines and other components in storage, all of which form the basis of future restoration projects. Some of these are;

de Havilland Tiger Moth. On Saturday, August 27, 2014 our Tiger Moth had a mishap shortly after takeoff. The Museum Board of Directors have placed a restoration/replacement cost of $85,000 on the project. Progress has been steady with the major rebuild of the wooden wings completed. All four wings have their new fabric covering applied, with finishing and painting to follow. The damaged forward fuselage has been stripped and repairs are almost complete. The Gipsy Major engine rebuild has had some setbacks but detailed assessment is under way.

Fleet 80 Canuck. This aircraft is in the final stage of restoration. The wings have been attached to the fuselage and the aerodynamic fairings have now been fabricated and fitted. The cockpit upholstery has been fabricated by an experienced upholstery volunteer. Seat belts including shoulder harness have been fitted. The extensive electrical and radio upgrades have been finished in-house by our licenced avionics specialists. Cockpit doors have been refinished and are awaiting their final fitting. The engine was test run on 3 November, 2015. Can the first flight in many years be far away? Stay tuned...

For more details see the Fleet 80 page.

Lockheed T-33 (Canadair CL-30 Silver Star). Not all of our restorations are in the 'basket case' category. As we are unable to house all of our collection indoors many of the present aircraft on display need care and attention on a regular basis. The latest to receive attention is the T-33.

The T-33 is undergoing a thorough cleaning with the aluminum surfaces being polished.
The external markings will also be refreshed.
For more on this historic trainer, see Lockheed T-33.

Waco INF. This aircraft has been the subject of a long-term refurbishment. The fuselage has been seen in the Museum as an unpainted 'ghost' alongside its flying brothers. It is now ready to take to the air once more. For more details see the Waco INF page.

Fairchild Cornell. Awaiting restoration.

DH60 Moth. Awaiting restoration.

Bell 47J Ranger. Awaiting restoration.

Noorduyn Norseman. Awaiting restoration.

Dagling Glider. Awaiting restoration.

Lockheed Lodestar. An ex-TCA aircraft is under reconstruction in Abbotsford.

Bristol Bolingbroke IV. Awaiting restoration. The Museum has all the major components in storage. The nose section has been restored by volunteers and is on display in the hangar. Our thanks to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mt. Hope, ON for their assistance with the glazing for the nose section. Here are some 'before' and 'after' pictures:

The Bolingbroke nose section in storage.
The nose section on display in the Hangar. (Photo credits: D. Cardy)

In addition, a number of aircraft engines are in storage awaiting restoration to display condition.

The Museum is always interested in hearing from people with an interest in restoration projects. Work on aircraft that are being restored to airworthy condition is overseen by a licensed aircraft engineer. Many of the Museum projects are restored to display quality and generally are externally complete. These projects may be of interest to the amateur restorer. Do you have skills in woodworking, machining, welding, signage, or a host of other talents? If so call our General Manager, Mike Sattler at 604 532-0035 for more information.